Why I don’t like blogging anymore (RANT)

Today is another opinion piece. If you easily get offended, maybe this one isn’t for you – but I thought it would be nice to share our opinions on this topic.

I saw Jana’s blogpost the other day, and eventhough she just lightly touched on the topic, it hit home. The reason I don’t like blogging anymore is quite simple, yet complex at the same time.

I feel like everyone in the blogging/instagram/beauty industry takes themselves so serious. It looks like they think they and their products are the be-all end-all.

For one, nothing is taken lightly anymore. Everyone is offended by everything. Nobody is minding their own business. There is so much drama all over & it just really hit me when I saw an instagrammer claim that “someone was copying a look they created, without crediting them”.
Like WHAT? When did we put a copyright on a make-uplook? And why do people think that they ‘did something first’. It’s make-up. It’s art, yes – but it is experimenting. I am sure SOMEONE around the globe already thought of the thing you put on instagram. The fact that your picture has been posted earlier does not mean you thought of the idea first. Like REALLY.

Blogging has become such a serious thing. You can’t post when you want anymore, you have to be consistent or your blog doesn’t mean anything. Blogging isn’t about being honest and sharing your true opinion, it’s about shallow posts that make every company happy, in hopes of getting free products.

Another thing that bothers me is that in a fact we are pushed diversity, yet we are seeing the same look over and over. Skinny six-packed bikini models, boob jobs, contour craziness, big lips, … I just don’t like it anymore. I get the whole ‘being open about getting work done’ but when I scroll through instagram there is maybe 3 pictures in 12 hours of girls that look somewhat natural still. We are lead to believe that we all have to look that way – because everyone else is looking that way. It just seems like natural make-up isn’t a thing anymore. It is piled on, filtered out and led to believe it’s how we all should look all the time. People are preaching self love and confidence, but when they get to earn the big $$ they go around and get plastic surgery. I’m not affected in the way that I get insecure, I just get annoyed that no one is relatable anymore.

We’re seeing press trips in exotic islands, perfect relationships, perfect bodies, big houses and cars, …

It is all so fake. And I’m tired of it.

My blog will not be consistent – because I am working full time and I just don’t have the time nor energy to be typing and photographing for hours and hours after work.
My blog will not be perfect – because I want it to be a flow of how I’m feeling. And if I want to wait two weeks before putting a post up, because that’s when it feels right, I will.
My blog will not be about pleasing others – because I started it for myself in the first place.

My blog will be a reflection of me. And I’m fine with that.

I’m open for discussion. Leave your opinions on this topic in the comments!


Am I not ambitious enough?

Todays post is going to be something a little bit different than my usual posts. While reading 2WMN’s post on Dreams, I was thinking about something that happened to me a while back.

Ever since I was little I dreamt of being a preschool teacher, being married to my soulmate with some little ones running around in our own house. As you can see, it’s nothing ground-breaking.

However, I had to work hard to make my dream of becoming a preschool teacher come true. As I have touched on in previous posts, I had to do a part of my second year over, which lead me to graduate half a year after everyone else. It wasn’t easy to make it all happen in 6 months & I cried A LOT before deciding to do all my tasks in half a year, because I felt like such a failure for failing that part of my education. Eventually I graduated in February of 2016 and started working immediately at the school where I’m still working now, a full year later.

I completed a full make-upcourse while studying, got a hairdressers degree in my first half year of working, found a place with my fiancé to build our house on & I am planning my wedding while working full time in my own classroom for the first time and still being able to spend time with my friends and family.


One day I was talking to someone about their dreams, and they expressed a desire to be succesfull in their field and building a chain of businesses all around the country. “What do you dream about?”

When I answered what my ideal scenario would be: working at least parttime in my classroom, because I love it too much to ever give it up, and doing hair & make-up on the side at home so I could still combine it with future kids, I got the simple reply “That’s it? Don’t go further? Expanding your business to multiple places?”

No. “That’s it”. Obviously ambition is different to every single person. I was kind of offended, like my dream wasn’t big enough. Like I should be dreaming of more than simply being happy with achieving everything I wanted to achieve. Like I shouldn’t call myself ambitious because my dream isn’t big enough.


So today I want to tell you, whatever you dream of, make it happen. No matter how ‘big’ or ‘small’ that dream may be. Be ambitious and make it happen, even if it is happening in a 5 mile radius of where you are now.

What’s your take on this?



Goodbye 2016

2016, what a beautiful year it was!

I graduated college and started working as a preschool teacher, right from the first day I was available. Come the new schoolyear, I was lucky enough to be able to stay working there with my amazing collegues.

We went to Kopenhagen, Centerparcs – where I had my first skiing experience, Duinrell – an indoor waterparc, Disneyland and ofcourse the beautiful land of Portugal.

I graduated my course in hairdressing & I loved doing make-up for a couple of weddings.

In May I turned 22 and in July I got engaged to the most beautiful man alive! Now we are planning our wedding and are in the preparation process of building our own home.

I’m very grateful for what 2016 has brought me and I’m determined to make the next year even better! 💕


What was your highlight of 2016?

Happy Holidays!


TAG: The Versatile Award (NL)

Onlangs werd ik door Lana (van Blue Sparkles) getagd voor ‘The Versatile Blogger Award’.
So I did what I had to do 😉


Waarom deze award nu net zo heet, I cannot tell you. Het lijkt me eerder iets zoals de Liebster Award, waar ik een lange tijd geleden ook voor genomineerd werd. Een manier om “kleinere” blogs toch in de kijker te zetten en nieuwe blogs te leren kennen – en dat is fijn! Bedankt Lana voor het nomineren! 🙂


  • Noem de persoon die je getagd heeft (met link)
  • Geef 7 feiten over jezelf
  • Nomineer 15 blogs die je onlangs of regelmatig bezoekt



Zijn jullie klaar voor zeven random facts? Laat me weten welke je al wist & welke niet! 🙂

  1. Ik ben slechts 1m55 ‘groot’. I’m a real shorty & I love it! Daardoor zijn is het bovenste schap in de keuken en kleerkast automatisch toegewezen aan mijn vriend.
  2. Mijn vriend en ik zijn ondertussen al 7 jaar samen. Ik leerde hem kennen in 2008, toen ik 14 was. Zeven jaar later we are still going strong!
  3. Ik heb een hekel aan bellen. Ik weet nooit goed wat zeggen en bel al zeker niet graag naar onbekenden. Sms’en, whatsappen, facebooken, instagrammen, etc. is dan weer wel mijn ding!
  4. Ik check social media ook meer dan ik zou moeten. Ik geef het toe – ik ben verslaafd. Ik ben lekker nieuwsgierig en social media is dé place to be om vanalles te weten te komen!
  5. Make-up is mijn grote passie, bloggen maar ook vooral het aanbrengen van make-up op klanten en modellen. Toch houd ik ook enorm van het staan in de kleuterklas! Mijn grote droom is om een parttime job als kleuterjuf te combineren met mijn eigen beautyzaak.
  6. Ik ben geen gezonde eter. Ik ben een echte viesneus, lust heel weinig en wat ik graag lust, is meestal niet zo gezond. Gelukkig heb ik al mijn vitaminen & zit ik altijd op hetzelfde (gezonde) gewicht. De dag dat ik moet letten op mijn eten wordt een zwarte dag ;D
  7. Reality-TV is mijn guilty pleasure, daar kan ik u-ren naar blijven kijken! Enkele voorbeeldjes: Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Say Yes to the Dress, Sister Wives, Geordie Shore, Ex on the Beach, Teen Mom, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, … MTV, E! en TLC behoren daarom tot mijn favoriete zenders! 😉



Hierbij ga ik eerlijk mijn favoriete blogs noteren. Als je al getagd geweest bent, hoef je hem zeker geen tweede keer in te vullen. Ik wil gewoon graag blogs vermelden die ik ook werkelijk graag lees, daarom houd ik het bescheiden (15 is VEEL!) – want ik lees veel internationale blogs! 🙂