How to adult: Checking off your to-do list

With adulting comes great responsibility. And with  responsibility comes a long list of things to get done.

This is how you can accomplish them all.

1. Today is for … 

Having a set day for certain duties works great for me personally. It gets you out of the “I will do it tomorrow” excuse. Tuesdays are for  the ironing, Wednesday I clean, Fridays are free for dates, every second Saturday of the month is for grocery shopping. This way you know when you need to do what and you won’t fall behind.

2. Make a physical list. This way you won’t get sidetracked doing something you remembered while doing another job. Also, physically checking off your to-do list feels so good!

3. Be realistic. You will not do 5 loads of laundry and ironing and go to the grocery store while cleaning the house. Set realistic goals of what you can achieve in an evening/day.