Home inspiration: master bedroom

The room we like to describe as “the place where the magic happens” aka where we crash and sleep – haha.


I know I’m getting a little repetitive with these whites and greys but I just like the calmness of these colours. I do like the look of a big headboard, although it isn’t really standard to have these in Belgium.


The chandeliers really speak to me! It makes the room feel so luxurious in an instant!


I want to give our bedroom a personal, cozy touch by putting some pictures above the bed. Faux fur is something I have always liked, but my fiancé isn’t a fan… Maybe I’ll get him to reconsider 😉

I can’t wait to see if I can make my vision happen, within our budget – ha. Pinterest doesn’t always seem to be very budget friendly… 😀


Home inspiration: living room

Don’t we all dream of a Pinterest-worthy home? Well, Pinteresting inspiration for our new home is my thang for the last couple of months 😉

I would love to bring all these different pins together in one beautiful living room.


Grey is my favourite colour in terms of a living room. I feel like it exudes serenity and cozyness. I love the look of a monotone living room with just some cute pops of colour or some things of visual interest.


Long shelves or pictures could be that item of visual interest. I really like the idea of putting long shelves above the TV unit (since we don’t have a wall behind our couch). picmonkey-collage-9

If I find a place for this, I would love to have some kind of ‘quote wall’ or ‘command center’ where we can put a schedule, to-do list, shopping lists, …


Another inspiration board of greys and whites. Although I wouldn’t choose white for our furniture, seeing we want to have kids in the near future.

Which colours do you love for a living room? How do you give it a personal touch?

Home inspiration: doors

If one door closes, another one opens. And you can take that quite literally. We have yet to pick out our doors, but I like pinteresting all my inspiration right now!


I am IN LOVE with these steel doors. I L.O.V.E. them! I want one for inbetween the entrance hall and our living room/kitchen. Aren’t these gorgeous?


For the ‘regular’ doors I like the wooden look (first), but as I said in my staircase inspiration post, I don’t want our whole house to be a mismatch of wood. Which is why I probably will end up picking a white or black door. I think it would suit our interior and will be timeless, so we still like them in 20 years time.

Do you have any suggestions? We like a modern, but cosy look for our whole interior. What do you think?

Home inspiration: flooring

I really like the process of choosing the right kind of flooring for a certain room!  I think it really makes or breaks a room and it contributes a lot to the overall atmosphere in a room.

Here is my inspiration for our new house!


We really like the look and feel of a wooden floor, however parquet floor is quite expensive and not childproof in terms of spilling/staining.

We thought we had found the perfect floor compromising what I had wanted (wooden floors) and what my fiancé liked (tile), when we found a tile that looks like laminate floor. But then we found out that this kind of tile wouldn’t work with our underfloor heating – BUMMER.

We will probably, however, choose laminate floor for the upstairs bedrooms.


If it was up to me, I’d choose a more rustic-looking darker tile for the entrance hall, but Maarten is not a fan.


For the living room we both like a pretty basic, light grey tile. I also like the concrete floor (two on the bottom) but we will probably end up choosing a tile that has a slight concrete feel to it.

Which ones do you like? Any regrets on your current flooring?


Home inspiration: staircases

Staircases. What seems to be such a ‘small thing’ to decide on – we have been struggling with. Do we want a wooden staircase or are we tiling the stairs? I’m leaning towards a white+wooden staircase, but I don’t want our house to become a mismatch of all different kinds of wood – so that’s something to be aware of…

Either way, here is some inspiration!

PicMonkey Collage-2.jpg

Something I am sure of, is that I want to have some kind of storage build in the staircase.

PicMonkey Collage-3.jpg

Which ones do you like?