Home inspiration: flooring

I really like the process of choosing the right kind of flooring for a certain room!  I think it really makes or breaks a room and it contributes a lot to the overall atmosphere in a room.

Here is my inspiration for our new house!


We really like the look and feel of a wooden floor, however parquet floor is quite expensive and not childproof in terms of spilling/staining.

We thought we had found the perfect floor compromising what I had wanted (wooden floors) and what my fiancé liked (tile), when we found a tile that looks like laminate floor. But then we found out that this kind of tile wouldn’t work with our underfloor heating – BUMMER.

We will probably, however, choose laminate floor for the upstairs bedrooms.


If it was up to me, I’d choose a more rustic-looking darker tile for the entrance hall, but Maarten is not a fan.


For the living room we both like a pretty basic, light grey tile. I also like the concrete floor (two on the bottom) but we will probably end up choosing a tile that has a slight concrete feel to it.

Which ones do you like? Any regrets on your current flooring?



Wedding series: How to start planning your wedding

When your partner (finally?) pops the question, enjoy it, scream YES at the tops of your lungs, disconnect from social media and savour this special moment between the two of you for a couple of days.

After those days are over – it’s time to get to business! Here’s a list of things you need to get in order as soon as possible.

PicMonkey Image-3.jpg

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Home inspiration: staircases

Staircases. What seems to be such a ‘small thing’ to decide on – we have been struggling with. Do we want a wooden staircase or are we tiling the stairs? I’m leaning towards a white+wooden staircase, but I don’t want our house to become a mismatch of all different kinds of wood – so that’s something to be aware of…

Either way, here is some inspiration!

PicMonkey Collage-2.jpg

Something I am sure of, is that I want to have some kind of storage build in the staircase.

PicMonkey Collage-3.jpg

Which ones do you like?