FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Kat Von D “Shade & Light” contour palette

this was written months ago – but I thought you may still enjoy it (:

These are my first impressions on the Kat von D Shade & Light palette!

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Goodbye 2016

2016, what a beautiful year it was!

I graduated college and started working as a preschool teacher, right from the first day I was available. Come the new schoolyear, I was lucky enough to be able to stay working there with my amazing collegues.

We went to Kopenhagen, Centerparcs – where I had my first skiing experience, Duinrell – an indoor waterparc, Disneyland and ofcourse the beautiful land of Portugal.

I graduated my course in hairdressing & I loved doing make-up for a couple of weddings.

In May I turned 22 and in July I got engaged to the most beautiful man alive! Now we are planning our wedding and are in the preparation process of building our own home.

I’m very grateful for what 2016 has brought me and I’m determined to make the next year even better! 💕


What was your highlight of 2016?

Happy Holidays!


Home inspiration: master bedroom

The room we like to describe as “the place where the magic happens” aka where we crash and sleep – haha.


I know I’m getting a little repetitive with these whites and greys but I just like the calmness of these colours. I do like the look of a big headboard, although it isn’t really standard to have these in Belgium.


The chandeliers really speak to me! It makes the room feel so luxurious in an instant!


I want to give our bedroom a personal, cozy touch by putting some pictures above the bed. Faux fur is something I have always liked, but my fiancé isn’t a fan… Maybe I’ll get him to reconsider 😉

I can’t wait to see if I can make my vision happen, within our budget – ha. Pinterest doesn’t always seem to be very budget friendly… 😀

Home inspiration: living room

Don’t we all dream of a Pinterest-worthy home? Well, Pinteresting inspiration for our new home is my thang for the last couple of months 😉

I would love to bring all these different pins together in one beautiful living room.


Grey is my favourite colour in terms of a living room. I feel like it exudes serenity and cozyness. I love the look of a monotone living room with just some cute pops of colour or some things of visual interest.


Long shelves or pictures could be that item of visual interest. I really like the idea of putting long shelves above the TV unit (since we don’t have a wall behind our couch). picmonkey-collage-9

If I find a place for this, I would love to have some kind of ‘quote wall’ or ‘command center’ where we can put a schedule, to-do list, shopping lists, …


Another inspiration board of greys and whites. Although I wouldn’t choose white for our furniture, seeing we want to have kids in the near future.

Which colours do you love for a living room? How do you give it a personal touch?

Home inspiration: doors

If one door closes, another one opens. And you can take that quite literally. We have yet to pick out our doors, but I like pinteresting all my inspiration right now!


I am IN LOVE with these steel doors. I L.O.V.E. them! I want one for inbetween the entrance hall and our living room/kitchen. Aren’t these gorgeous?


For the ‘regular’ doors I like the wooden look (first), but as I said in my staircase inspiration post, I don’t want our whole house to be a mismatch of wood. Which is why I probably will end up picking a white or black door. I think it would suit our interior and will be timeless, so we still like them in 20 years time.

Do you have any suggestions? We like a modern, but cosy look for our whole interior. What do you think?