My Guilty Pleasures

Something more light today 😉 I’m going to share my guilty pleasures, things I enjoy so much – but shouldn’t, haha.


1. Reality TV

Temptation Island, Sister Wives, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Teen Mom, … the crazier the better. There’s almost nothing I love more than watching these reality tv-shows where you don’t have to think but can enjoy the madness and drama.

2. Stracciatella ice cream

Preferably with some extra chocolate sprinklers on top. Yum!

3. Having a bum day

I love ignoring all my responsibilities, with no make-up, sweatpants on, watching some YouTube/Netflix/Reality shows!

4. Memes

My brother & I, like to send memes back and forward to eachother – it can be so relatable and relaxing ;D

5. Pregnancy-related videos

We are not pregnant, nor trying to get pregnant – but still, I enjoy all of these pregnancy-related videos so much haha. Pregnancy updates, breastfeeding tips (like really? haha) and ‘Baby Names we love but won’t be using’ videos are some of my favourites. I know this sounds so strange, but I find myself going into this YouTube blackhole of mommy-videos and I just can’t seem to find my way out ;D


What are your guilty pleasures? Share them in the comments!


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