Wedding series: How to start planning your wedding

When your partner (finally?) pops the question, enjoy it, scream YES at the tops of your lungs, disconnect from social media and savour this special moment between the two of you for a couple of days.

After those days are over – it’s time to get to business! Here’s a list of things you need to get in order as soon as possible.

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Get a feel for your theme

Do you like a certain theme for your wedding? Which colours do you both like? Do you want it to be really casual, intimate or chique?
All these things are very important for every other step you take and decision you make when planning your wedding.


List priorities

Have an open conversation about what you want your wedding day to be. What is (not) important to you?

Please, do not get married for the sake of leasing others. It’s very important that from day 1, you remember that it’s your and your partners day, not anyone elses.


Set your budget

Before you say yes to anything, set your budget. Be realistic. Ofcourse it would be nice to have a wedding where you don’t have to worry about money and just pick and choose anything you like – but that’s not reality. Having to pay off your wedding loan of 10 years for this one special day (it’s only one day), is just not the way to go.

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Pick a date

When choosing a date you can go many routes. Which season appeals most to you? Did you always dream of a Winter Wonderland wedding or do you want to up the chances of having a beautiful ray of sunshine on your wedding day?

You can choose your anniversary date, any other special date or just randomly pick one you like.


Think about your guestlist

Who HAS to be there on your wedding day? Will you only invite family, or extend your list to friends, collegues, family friends, …

Do a headcount of how many people will be there. This is very important for the next step.


Pick your venue

Once you know when you want to get married and how many guests you will be inviting, you can go on the hunt for a venue. Believe it or not, but you have to book your venue almost 1 year in advance. If you leave it to a couple of months before the wedding, your chances of finding something that’s 100% what you want, are very small.


Choose your photographer

Same goes for a photographer. This is one of the first things you have to book. First have some conversation with your partner about how you want your pictures to look: do you like soft or vibrant colours? Lots of posed pictures or more casual? Do you want wedding photos with a humourous touch?

PicMonkey Collage-16.jpg

When you have completed this list – you can slow down for a bit. These things are very important and need to be done a year in advance.

It can feel a little overwhelming doing all this, when you have been engaged for only a few weeks, but believe me – once you have checked off these things you will instantly have more peace of mind.

Do you have any questions about planning a wedding, leave it in the comments!



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