Start of a new era

Long time, no see!

Last time we ‘spoke’ I had just graduated from school, to become a preschool teacher. Well, a lot has happened since then!


I graduated, had a week of school break and then immediately had the opportunity to start working at a school – the first Monday I was available. Imagine my excitement!
A new school year has started in September, and I was lucky enough to be able to stay fulltime in the same school. Work wise, I have been very busy and haven’t been a day without work since I graduated – which I’m very thankful for. Seeing as it is the first time for a lot of projects/themes I’m working on in the classroom, I have a lot of preparation to do at home, which is why I no longer had time to do blogposts.

On July 5th 2016, Maarten & I celebrated our 8 year anniversary in the beautiful land of Portugal. We went on a romantic stroll to a beautiful sight, where he sat down on one knee and popped THE question! Since then, we have been preparing for our wedding, coming July 2017.

To top it all off, some building land became available in an area close to where we are living now, which we were really interested in. We started the process to buy this piece of land and are signing off on the papers in December! So we are not just preparing for a wedding, we are also in the process of picking everything we want in our house that will – if all goes well – be finished in Summer of 2018.

I’m so excited for this new part of our journey to start. This adulting-thing isn’t always easy, but it’s so much fun!

I would love to take this blog in a new direction, fitting into the new adventures I’m facing. I hope you will be here for the ride!




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