GRWM: Basic Back to School look (video) + tips on your make-up for the first day!

Seems like the good days are almost over – because school is getting closer and closer ;D

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See the video on this look + some tips for your make-up below!

Here’s a typical look I would do for a first day of school 🙂

If you can’t see the video click here. To subscribe (it’s free!) click here.

Make-up tips for your first day of school

  1. Keep it light – I, myself, like a good smokey eye now and again, but on a first day of school I would recommend to keep it light and bright. Typically you do a lot of running around on the first day, you’re carrying books, … Keeping your make-up smudgeproof and fresh is a GO!
  2. Go for a neutral lip – Keep that secret weapon for the second week! 😉 Plus, you will probably be too busy to touch up your bright lipstick, so go with something neutral that can easily fade away during the day, without any weird lines or patches.
  3. Don’t be a daredevil – Go for a look you know and you are sure you can handle. If eyeliner doesn’t work out every time you do it, just skip it for the first day of school. It will sense your fear and you will be running late with two uneven wings!
  4. Wear it with confidence – The most important thing about school, your make-up and your make-up for the first day of school is that you wear it with confidence! Be proud of who you are and how you look & enjoy your day at school!



Do you have any tips? Are you excited for school?


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