Video: Social Media TAG!

Ik zag deze tag op VersusA en vond hem wel leuk! Benieuwd naar mijn mening over social media?

/ I saw this tag on VersusA & decided to do it! Are you curious about my opinions on social media? For English: read along!

  • Which social media outlets do you use? I use Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp and Pinterest if you count that too.
  • What social media are your favourite? I love Instagram because it’s more free and personal. You can follow who-ever you want and it’s updated often.
  • What’s your least favourite social media outlet? My least favourite has to be Facebook, because there’s a lot of negativity and randomness on there. I use it to keep up to date with school stuff.
  • Which one do you use not as much? Probably Twitter, but I’m trying to update on their more often!
  • What annoys you on social media? An update every single second of your life and lots of negative energy.
  • How often a day do you check social media? Probably more than I’m willing to admit. When I’m interning it’s obviously not as much – maybe a few minutes in the morning and then after I come home. When I’m in school or at home, it’s a lot. Especially Instagram gets checked frequently.
  • Notifications, on or off? This depends on the app. For Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Snapchat I have the notifications on, so I can see every message that comes in. Twitter & Facebook only have a badge, Instagram & Pinterest have all notifications off.
  • Emoji’s, yes or no? Always emoji’s!
  • Hashtags, yes or no? Definitely yes – unless on Facebook. Who needs hashtags on Facebook?!
  • Which social media outlet will disappear first? Facebook, maybe?
  • Your favourite accounts to follow? Some shameless self-promotion: my Facebook-page.
    My favourite Instagram accounts are: thefashionbyble, catsofinstagram, classyclaws, guy_tang, mackenziehyatt, ssssamantha, makeupshayla, 
    depeche_gurl and lustrelux.
    On Twitter I mostly follow bloggers and popculture/Youtube-personalities like Miss Lipgloss, Vera Camilla, LiveLifeGorgeous (Mijn0 & Martinii), JanaVMH, BeautybyLJ, the Kardashians, …
    On Facebook it’s mostly people I know personally.

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